Meeting Seb

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Seb and his parents Nicole and Rob. We’d briefly met at a 1st birthday party earlier in the summer, and right away Seb was one of those kids that stood out. When I got the initial text from Nicole, I’d remembered him even though it had been months since the party where we’d originally crossed paths, he was “that smiley baby”.
I’d only taken a few snaps of him at the party, but they were some of the most memorable.

This time when I met Seb he was exactly the same, all smiles, although maybe with a few more teeth than before. We had a blast playing peek-a-boo, crawling around on the floor and singing the Paw Patrol theme. When photographing children you can never be sure if they’ll love or hate the camera (or the stranger holding it), but with this little guy there was no fear at all. An ideal model.

Hanging out with Nicole and Rob was just like chatting with friends, and really didn’t feel like work at all. They are such an awesome natural family, and happen to live in a gorgeous home (which they are remodelling themselves – cleverclogs) with bright creamy walls which reflect the light from the big french doors in their open plan living area. Although the weather wasn’t the best outside, it was sunshine and smiles inside – Perfect.

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