Evie’s Christening

I thought I’d bring back a bit of summer today by sharing this wonderful Christening from 2015.

The great British weather can be a source of stress and delight no matter what time of year it is. Often being praised and cursed in the same hour. And when it comes to planning outdoor events in the UK it is always a gamble. For Dez, Laura and Evie the gamble paid off.

The ceremony was held in the same church that Dez and Laura were married in, in the tiny village of Badger, Shropshire. Once the ceremony was over everyone headed back to Laura’s parents for some Pimms and games in the garden. The shoes were off, and it was time to enjoy the sun on our skin.

At the end of the afternoon when the sun was on its way down I managed to have a little photo session with Evie, who gave me the best gummy smiles to compliment her piercing blue eyes. And when the party was at its end, it was time for cuddles with granddad. Because there’s just something about a granddad hug that you can’t beat when you’re pooped.


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