Nancy & Penny’s Family

Oh the cuteness! One baby is cute (no arguments here) but two babies, well that’s just double the cuteness. It’s simple maths really.

When Jess asked me to photograph the newest members of their family, Penny & Nancy (4 1/2 months old), I was thrilled. These 2 girls are two of the most chilled babies I’ve ever met. And they have a funny big brother Benjy to throw into the mix which made for a very entertaining session.

It was a usual Saturday morning for these guys; busy getting ready for football practice, visits from Granny and Grandad, whilst dad, Nick, got ready for a night away. All this with the slightly more unusual element of a photographer in the house.

Jess and Nick finished building a wonderful extension to their kitchen last year whilst Jess was pregnant with the girls. A very brave undertaking indeed, considering the prospect of expecting twins would be enough for most parents to worry about. So to add to their already lovely home they also have a sunlit area overlooking the garden with coolest green velvet sofa to relax on. Photography Heaven!

I loved having the grandparents involved in this shoot, as they were such an important part to the family. Grandparents bring patience, wisdom, and love to a family but more importantly, they bring snacks.

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