Cooking up a storm

Families are something I find very interesting. They’re people we are biologically connected to and yet we have no choice of who they are. Some families stay close (geographically and socially), whilst others move on after adolescence and rarely interact.
When you’re young, your family are the first few people you know and love. You practice your social skills on them, like fighting, falling out and making up. Shared memories of holidays and playground antics form a mutual perspective like no other. But are the experiences of childhood what makes for lasting bonds within a family? Or is it merely a predisposed personality trait to enjoy and dislike enough of the same things, which will forever draw you back to the family tree?
How does any parent know if their children that play together daily will continue to be in each other lives as they grow and find their own way in the worlds. That intangible connection, unseen but always present. Questions, questions, so many questions.

And how much are family relationships an obligation versus genuine affection? I like to think the percentages fluctuate regularly (sometime hourly), which makes families even more special.
Perhaps sometimes it’s only these shared memories and experiences that tie families together as they grow, but sometimes you get families who genuinely enjoy being around each other and value each others company, it’s like they’re friends out of choice – and these are the lucky ones.

I wanted to hold off sharing the photos from Judith’s 70th birthday, as the venue did such a good job of writing up the afternoons events on their blog. But I think it’s time for a dose of family fun at this very different family birthday party – I mean it beats sausage rolls at your Nans house whilst everyone crams on to the sofa for a quick family catch up.

Seasoned Cookery School is based in Catton Hall, and totally worth a visit if you can.

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