Jo & Chris

Ever been to a wedding and it felt like you were in a movie? That’s the only way I could describe Jo & Chris’ big day. It was all so beautifully put together, from the gorgeous Irish Castle where the guests were staying and the reception took place, to the love and emotion radiating from the speeches (not a dry eye in the house when the father of the bride spoke, and as for the grooms speech, YIKES so romantic), and let’s not forget the dancing, oh there was dancing.

Joanne is a lady who enjoys luxury and this wedding was a total reflection of that, beautiful surroundings, delicious food and designer wedding shoes. But when it comes to the important stuff Jo knows family and friends are where it’s at. That’s why they needed a whole castle to fit in all their loved ones to share their special day.

Chris is so smitten with Jo it’s ridiculous. He has this look, when a guy looks at a girl a certain way and you just know it’s real love (think Katherine Heigl and James Marsden in 27 dresses, when he looks at her walking down the aisle and you’ll have a good idea of what I’m talking about). Together they are the cutest, and looked like they enjoyed every second of their wedding day.

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