Jacob – 2 weeks old

Natalie and Rob welcomed little Jacob into the world 3 weeks before his due date (the cheeky monkey just couldn’t wait to say hello), but luckily for Jacob his mum and dad were well prepared and took it all in their stride.

These guys are some of my best friends and it is so brilliant to see them taking on their new roles as parents. Those first few weeks of parenthood can quickly become a blur of night feeds and nappy changes, so it makes it all the more special to be able to capture these early memories for them to look back on.

I loved Rob’s comments that he “just loved him straight away”, and “didn’t know you could love someone so quickly and so much”. Which I think pretty much sums up becoming a first time parent. No one can explain what it’s like, and even if they did you wouldn’t believe them.

Whilst Natalie and Rob adjust to life with a newborn, their cat Pudding is also adjusting to having to share all the attention. It’s safe to say she’s less than impressed with her parents shift in focus, but seems happy to explore all of Jacobs new gifts and play mats.

Congratulations Natalie & Rob. Jacob is gorgeous and you two are awesome parents already. He’s one lucky little boy.

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