Calke-ing good fun!

Twins Jessie and Reece were kind enough to give me a tour of one of their favourite places this summer. We spent an afternoon running around the gardens at Calke Abbey with their baby sister Millie, Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandad Bob Bob. It was a perfect way to the capture a glimpse of the children’s personalities, and also gave the kids space to burn off some energy.
These guys have buckets of character, Jessie was very assertive at directing me to which flowers I should photograph for her, whilst Reece happily got stuck into everything he could find, sniffing, feeling and listening to everything going on around him. And as for their little sister Millie, well she was just a complete angel and had nothing but smiles for everyone. A highlight for me was watching Reece and Jessie teach Grandma and Grandad Bob Bob how to floss!
Sarah and Pete bought this photo session as a birthday treat for Pete’s mum. And it was lovely to get some photos for Grandma and “Bob Bob” with their grandchildren.

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