Fang-tastic at 40!

I’ve been holding onto sharing this party with you all for nearly a year now. And if you’re a bit of a Halloween fiend then this one is definitely for you.

Rob’s birthday was a party not to be missed. A Halloween themed 40th at Tutbury Castle on a clear October night.

From the moment you arrived in the car park pumpkins and tealights adorned the pathway into the very eery looking castle grounds, where ghostly figures roamed through the night. Rob and Nicola had worked hard to transform the usually white marquee into a Halloween den of ultraviolet and cobwebs, whilst the custom wine bottle decorations and tarantula piƱata were just a few of the details that ensured everyone was thoroughly immersed in the spooky theme.

Guest arrived in all sorts of costumes from a werewolf to a ghastly nun. Everyone had really made the effort to get into character. But my personal favourite had to be the conjoined clowns – serious dedication by those guys, as I never saw them separate the whole time I was there. Not forgetting all the children who’d made an effort to dress up for the occasion. It really was a sight to behold.

After the burgers were served the band kicked off the evenings dancing and Rob got to debut his new Gibson guitar which was a present from Nicola – lucky guy!

Thanks for letting me part of your birthday celebrations Rob and “Happy Halloween” to everyone.


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