The Who, The What, The Why and The How of Goodbye Shy.

WHO is Goodbye Shy.
Hi, my name is Hermione, I was born and raised in North Essex. I lived with my mum, dad, 2 brothers and 2 sisters (yes, that’s right I’m one of 5 siblings). We lived in a small town where nothing much ever happened – except this one time when an episode of Lovejoy was filmed down by the mill and mum made us hang around each day after school waiting to catch a glimpse of Ian McShane. I moved away to Chester for university at 18 and never looked back. I studied Computer Science and met my future husband-to-be. We were friends first. And he’s still my best friend and favourite person. That was over 15 years ago and now we live in South Derbyshire with 3 children and a cat called Meatball.
I gave up work as a Senior Desktop Analyst 6 years ago after the birth of our twins and became a full time stay-at-home mum. It was a decision I’ve never regretted and feel so grateful to have been able to do it.
I’m an animal loving, Netflix watching, chocolate eating geek. And I like to hang out with people who don’t judge others and don’t take themselves too seriously. I dye my hair to cover the greys, and I can regularly be found in my pyjamas and dressing gown by 7pm most evenings. My guilty pleasures are musicals – old ones, new ones, cheesy ones, teeny-bopper ones – I’ll watch them all, then sing the soundtrack for weeks/months/years.

WHY I’m in this business.
Well for starters, I really like taking great photos for people, and a few people have told me I’m pretty good at it. But the real ‘WHY’ I think professional photography is so important is because of something that happened in my own life which put focus on the power of photos. Not long after my own wedding in 2011 my dad died suddenly, and it was a very sad time for my family (understatement). Then 18 months after that my 12 year old niece tragically died too. Looking back at photos of them has helped me so much when coming to terms with their deaths, and highlighted to me even more how special photos of loved ones can be. The professional photos we have of them both are amongst my most treasured. Of course I wasn’t to know I’d be losing them so soon after these photos were taken, but I’ll be forever grateful that I have them. So that whenever I need a pick-me-up I can look back and see their smiling faces.
A photo can evoke so many emotions, and when you feel them it makes you feel alive. Sometimes those photos can release joy and laughter, and sometimes pain. But all these feelings are important.
I think everyone should have great photos of themselves and the people they love, not just husbands and wives, but families and friends, even pets. There are few occasion when friends and family all get together in one room these days, so it makes total sense to have photos taken at weddings and birthdays. But I am totally in love with intimate quiet photography that show real personality and connections.

WHAT am I hoping to achieve.
Goodbye Shy was founded in the kitchen after falling in love with my family through a lens. Seeing ourselves via photos really emphasized to me how special and irreplaceable these memories are. But inevitably when taking photos of your loved ones there’s often something missing… you. Whether it’s you, a family member or friend taking a few photos at your party, someone is always missing. I want to put YOU back in the picture so that you can get back to the business of enjoying yourself, and being part of the memories. I want to capture you surrounded by the ones you love, having a brilliant time. So that you can put down your phone/camera and pick up a drink instead.
And when your children have grown and have forgotten those picnics in the park or their 4th birthday party, you’ll be able to to show them what you ALL looked like and what you were ALL doing.

HOW I work.
So after we’ve exchanged a few emails, and confirmed a date and time, you’ll be booked in. Before the photo session you are free to ask me any questions you have. I’m an introvert at heart so I know how awkward it can be to let someone you’ve never met into your personal space and start taking photos. On the day I work in a very relaxed manner, there’s no need to pose for photos, but I will be chatting to you throughout to try and prompt some smiles. My style is documentary photography. Of course if you want poses and group shots, then I will do these for you too. But generally the rest of the photo shoot is very relaxed, and will just focus on the fun that is unfolding naturally. When kids are involved it’s normally best to let them get used to the stranger with a camera slowly and in their own time. Forcing kids to “smile” on command rarely works. I have been known to sing the Paw Patrol theme if needed to get a child to smile – worked like a charm.

Hermione x



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